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Paediatric Dentistry

Here at Clarenville Dental Care we want to ensure that every visit your child makes is one that they will remember! By making a positive impact on your child's dental visit they will feel more at ease each time they come. 

The Canadian Dental Association encourages the dental examinations to start within six months of the eruption of the child's first tooth or by the age of one. The goal is to have your dental visit before any problems arise with their teeth, this can be avoided by having a dental exam every six months

There are Three main reasons to take your child to the dentist!

1. To ensure mom and dad are taking good of their child's oral health at home.

2. Your dentist cant find problems right away and fix them

3. Your child can learn that going to the dentist helps prevent problems.

A Step in the right direction:

We make a special effort to ensure that your child's dental visit is comfortable. Our caring staff and kid friendly environment (with televisions) make Clarenville Dental Care a welcoming place for you and you children.

What to expect at your child's dental visit:

Depending on the child’s age and tolerance, the first appointment may consist of an examination only. Some children that are too small to sit in the dental chair may be examined by the “knee to knee “ technique. This is where the parent and dentist sit knee to knee with each other while the parent holds and slowly lays the child on their legs. This allows the dentist to get a better look around the mouth while still being cared for by the parent.

we take digital dental radiographs ( x-rays) using low dose radiation to look for cavities, developing teeth, as well as any potential abnormalities that can occur. This allows the dentist to have a full picture of your child’s oral health and to ensure your child is getting the highest level of care.

Our dental hygienist will  complete a prophy on your child. which is a dental cleaning to remove any plaque or food  left between teeth and around the gums. If left untreated, this can lead to cavities and gum disease.

And finally when your child is the appropriate age (6), our registered dental hygienist will complete a fluoride treatment to decrease the chances of your child developing dental decay. The hygienist and dentist may also recommend sealants to be placed on the child’s permanent teeth to help prevent dental decay in the future.

MCP Insurance

Newfoundland and Labrador provide children with dental coverage up until the day they turn 13 years of age!

What's covered? 


  • Examinations at six month intervals
  • Cleanings at 12 month intervals
  • Fluoride applications for children aged six to twelve years at 12 month intervals
  • Routine fillings and extractions
  • Sealants