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Preventive Dentisrtry


Oral Examination

The Dentist will perform an extensive examination at your initial appointment as well at your six-month recare appointments with your Hygienist, it should include the following:

  1. Examination of digital radiographs (x-rays). These are critical for identifying decay, bone loss, infection. Radiographs also assist in determining the position of teeth and their roots .
  2. Oral Cancer screenings: examination of the face, lips, tongue, soft tissues and gums for any unusual signs.
  3. Evaluation of: tooth decay, root decay, gum or bone disease. 
  4. Assessment of: your bite, jaw relation or any teeth for possible restorations or tooth replacement.

Dental Hygiene Care

Dental hygiene (Dental prophylaxis) are preformed by well educated Registered Dental Hygienist. You should see you Hygienist every 6 months for proper care and maintenance!

Removal of Plaque, Calculus (Tartar) 

Plaque is a sticky clear film that forms over the tooth structure, its made up of living bacteria, saliva and food debris. The bacteria from plaque causes the gums to be come irritated, this is the leading cause of gum dieases (gingivitis)

Calculus is the hardened plaque that has been sitting on the tooth surface for a period of time and is now firmly attached to the tooth. Calculus from right above the gum and can only be removed with special instruments used by your Dental Hygienist.

Teeth Polishing

A Polishing is preformed after your Scaling has been completed, polishing removes stains and plaque that has not been removed by your toothbrush or scaling. 

Fluoride treatments

 Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in many foods and water. Fluoride helps the remineralization of tooth enamel that has been demineralized by acids. Fluoride helps makes the tooth structure stronger by making it less soluble and more resistant to everyday acids. Lastly fluoride helps reduce the acids that are contributed to the decay process. This treatment is usually provided by your Hygienist. 

Restorations (Fillings)

A Composite (tooth coloured) or Amalgam (Silver) filling is used to repair a tooth that has been affected by decay, hairline cracks and or fractures. The affected part of the tooth is removed and replaced with the filling material that is suited to the situation, when using composite filling materiel it is closely matched with the existing tooth structure, these types of fillings are the more preferred by patients and more aesthetically suited for more visible teeth that are in the front.


When it comes to the procedure of an extraction or having the tooth "pulled" it is the most dreaded action by the patient. When preforming a extraction it involves removing the tooth from the socket within the jawbone. Before considering a extraction you should always weight out the options that you have to repair and restore your tooth. if however this is the necessary option there are always actions to be taken to replace the tooth(s)

Root Canal Therapy

Teeth contain a nerve and blood supply. When the soft tissue of a tooth become inflamed due to; deep carries, trauma, and much more the tissues in the tooth swell and you get a toothache! A Root canal is the process of removing the damaged tissues from the inside of the tooth, ending in the loss of pain and still having your tooth!

Night Guard/ Sport Guard

A Night Guard is a appliance that is worn at night and is fabricated to protect your teeth from damage caused by clenching, or grinding while you sleep. This appliance is not designed prevent this habit but to reduce its damage. When fitted over the teeth this provides a surface that helps reduce the pressure that is put on the teeth from the clenching and provides a barrier that protects the teeth from grinding. 

A Sports Guard is a appliance that is fabricated and designed to protect the teeth, gums and temporomandibular joints while taking place in sports or recreational activities. This appliance is custom made for the shape and size of your mouth to provide adequate support and protect. Sport guards are highly recommend for high contact sports like hockey or martial arts